Caching Toolbox


A great deal of effort has been put into Caching Toolbox to make it a one stop tool for solving mystery/puzzle caches. More tools will added as time and money allow. For this reason Caching Toolbox displays a "nag screen" after 30 days. You may still use Caching Toolbox after 30 days, but if you wish to remove the nag screen, registration is required. 

Please note: Registration is a one time fee. Once paid, your current version of Caching Toolbox is registered for life. Also, all updates to the current major version are free. For example, if you paid for a version 1 registration, version 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc will all be free. Version 2 may still be a free upgrade, but I reserve the right to charge an upgrade fee.

Registration benefits:

1.  Removal of the nag screen, allowing you quick, unrestricted use of Caching Toolbox (and a better shot at an FTF!).

2.  Automatic updates to the latest and greatest release via the internet!

3.  Registered users will get priority for all email support requests.

4.  Registered users will get priority when requesting new features.

5.  You can sleep soundly at night knowing you have said thank you to me in a tangible way.

6.  You help ensure the future advancement of Caching Toolbox.

Registration is $10 USD Special Introductory Rate!: $5 USD

Registration information will be sent to the email address used in your PayPal payment (unless otherwise specified), so please make sure this is a valid address and you check this account for mail. It will be registered to the full name of the paypal payee unless otherwise specified. Please also enter your name (if you have one) so I have an additional contact point should there be problems.

Note: PayPal will now accept credit cards directly - you DON'T have to set up a PayPal account.

Upon receipt of payment, I will send you a registration code via e-mail. Follow the instructions in that email to register your copy of Caching Toolbox

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